About Us

The Arthurian Knights, who sat with King Arthur around a circular table and were called the “Knights of the Round Table”, became the focal point of fellowship between Knights. These Knights were heroes, renowned for their strength, courage and skill in combat and warfare.

Membership to this exclusive and successful Mastermind Group is limited to only 12 members per year, worldwide!

What you will get:

• International Fellowshipping
• World Class Coaching and Mentoring
• Increased Experience, Skill and Confidence
• Real Progress in Your Business and Personal Life
• An Instant Valuable Support Network

In the spirit of this fellowship which brought great strength and success to these Knights, the Executives of the Round Table provides continuous support, share successes, solve problems and fellowship one another for success.

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno is a Latin phrase that means One for all, all for one. It is also the motto of Executives of the Round Table.

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